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We Buy Any Diamonds are diamond experts with 30 years of specialist experience. We are members of the British Jewellers’ Association, and adhere to the highest business standards with an ethical, honest and fair approach to everything we do. We believe We Buy Any Diamonds is the best place to sell your diamonds.

We buy certified diamonds of 1 carat and above

The value of your diamond is primarily determined by:

CARAT: The weight of the diamond

COLOUR: a wide ranging scale of colours affect prices

CLARITY: the clearer the diamonds the more expensive it is

SHAPE: Round diamonds are worth more money than fancy shapes such as Princess or Emerald cuts

for example.

CUT: How well your diamond reflects light and sparkles.

To determine how much your diamond is worth we need to see the diamond and expertly

determine all of these factors

Diamond prices vary from day to day and are dependent on market values. Your valuation is valid for 48 hours.

We will pay cash for your diamonds directly into your bank account within 24 hours of you accepting our offer, subject to our normal working hours, which are 09.30 to 17.00, Monday to Friday only.

Safety and security are important factors for anyone looking at how to sell diamonds, which is why we use Royal Mail Special Delivery Service – a secure, trackable and insured postal service. Your diamonds are handled in a secure environment and insured up to £50K whilst in our care.

Yes. We will pay you cash for the gold or platinum based on a competitive market price. This will be included in our offer to you, separate from the offer for your diamond.

We only buy certified diamonds over 1 carat.

This may sometimes be necessary to obtain the true valuation, but in such a case, your diamond will be professionally reset before being returned to you if you do not wish to complete the sale.

No, we only certified diamonds of 1 carat and over.

If you do not wish to accept our offer, we will return your items to you in the same secure, insured

Special Delivery service by which you sent them to us. At no charge – or risk – to you.

We will give you the individual prices for each diamond that we receive from you.

Yes. Please do contact us if you have any questions about selling your diamonds.

Please contact in these steps.

1) E-mail us on info@webuyanydiamonds.co.uk

2) Call us on 0800 035 6427.

Yes. Your diamond is insured for up to £50K in our care.

Selling diamonds through WBAD is a straightforward, secure process which keeps you in control throughout, always puts your interests first and makes it easy for you to raise cash from your diamonds. See the ‘Why Us’ section of our website.

Your valuation will be provided within 24 hours, allowing for our normal working days of Monday to Friday.

Yes. Please contact us for details.

We provide a 7-day, no questions asked buy-back guarantee should you change your mind once the sale has been completed.

“I compared offers from a couple of different companies and We Buy Any Diamonds gave me the best offer. Process was quick and pain-free and payment was swiftly received in my bank. Highly recommended.”

Pleasantly surprised!
“Have to say I was more than a little apprehensive using an online company to sell my diamond to, especially as it meant sending it to them in the post before being paid the valuation amount, however I was more than pleasantly surprised, Jess at WBAD was very good, she kept me informed through the whole process, even when there was an issue with payment (our fault not theirs) she dealt with it quickly and efficiently! As soon as the payment details were sorted I was paid the agreed amount, which appeared in my account within 20 minutes of payment! A very positive experience.”

We are open Monday – Friday
from 9.30am – 5.00pm

OVER 1 carat in size
with a GIA, HRD or IGI certificate only