If you have high-end diamonds to sell, we will give you a fair and honest valuation based on carat weight, cut, clarity and colour.

Diamonds are prized possessions and hold emotional as well as financial value and we always take this into consideration when handling our customers’ assets, as we value our clients as much as their diamonds.

To help us assess your diamonds both equitably and accurately, we ask that you tell us as much as you can about the condition and history of your diamond from the outset.

Here Is A Guide To Assist You When Providing Information About Your Diamond…

The cut determines the brilliance of a diamond and is considered the most vital aspect when assessing a stone. The style and the symmetry of design are the two key elements of the cut.

The clarity of a diamond is its quality measured against the number of imperfections seen in the stone, known in the industry as inclusions and surface blemishes. Any such flaws are checked at high magnification to grade each diamond's clarity accurately.

The whiter the diamond, the greater its purity, and the more it will be worth. We check colour with a professional eye during each and every valuation.

The carat is the balance between a diamond's size and weight. The bigger the carat rating, the higher the value. Again, this is always checked to the highest standard.

While these are genuine diamonds, they have been treated by laser drilling or fillers in an attempt to hide blemishes and improve clarity. The market frowns on clarity enhanced diamonds and we do not deal in them.

If your diamond has been colour treated, it is virtually worthless. Only naturally coloured stones hold true market value.

These diamonds have been mined and sold to provide funding for armed conflict and civil war. We Buy Any Diamonds will not deal in conflict diamonds. Integrity and honesty are vital to us and, as an ethical business, we cannot condone such practices. Our values are reinforced by our membership of the BJA, as well as our adherence to the Association’s code of ethics.

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