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19 Jul 2019

How To Sell My Diamond Ring For The Best Price

Diamond rings are beautiful and full of sentimental value, but they’re valuable assets too. If you’re no longer happy to wear your ring, you’d prefer to have the money, or you are hoping to replace it with a different style or cut of diamond, selling your diamond ring is the easiest and most popular way to regain some of the value from your unwanted, unloved or ill-fitting ring.


At We Buy Any Diamonds, we understand that diamond rings have significant importance to you. We are members of the British Jewellery Association (BJA), so you can trust us to offer the best quotes for your diamonds, and your money can be with you in just 24 hours. We also offer a 100% return guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our valuation once you have sent your ring to us.


But before you begin to sell your diamonds, there are a few things to remember. With many years of experience in the diamond valuation and selling industry, we have learned the best ways to make sure your sale is as easy and stress free as possible. Here are some of our most helpful tips to help you get the most for your diamond ring.


Get an Accurate Assessment or Valuation


Before you start planning what you’ll do with the money you might get from your diamond ring, make sure you get an accurate valuation or assessment.


Markets change daily, sometimes even more often than that, so you may never know exactly how much your diamond is worth. Even if you’ve had your diamond ring professionally assessed at some point in the past, you should seek a new valuation before making any purchases or assuming your ring’s value.


Get More than One Opinion


While you may trust your local jeweller’s assessment, they can only give you a price based on the current market and how likely it is that they’ll receive a good price for your diamond ring.


Independent retailers have a business to run, so they may not be able to give you the best possible offer. Make sure you have pursued all of your options before settling on a sale.


Set a Realistic Time Limit


If you need the money for your diamond ring fast, this can affect how much you might get for it. If you can wait, or at least have a longer time frame in which to sell your diamond ring, you may be able to use your seller’s expert knowledge of the markets to seek out an ideal time to sell your ring.


As with most things, it pays to be patient when selling a diamond ring.


Understand What Determines the Value of your Diamond Ring

Diamonds are evaluated based on the four “C”s – clarity, cut, colour and carat.


The clarity of your diamond refers to how many flaws and blemishes are present, the lower the better. evaluators are looking for a lack of flaws and blemishes on the gem. The fewer the blemishes a diamond has, the higher its value.


The cut of your diamond is the shape that it was cut into. A little known fact about antique diamonds is that they may have lower values than modern diamonds, simply because their cuts are not as accurate.


The colour of your diamond is a grading based on how colourless or otherwise the stone is.


The carat is the weight of your diamond.


Knowing these attributes will help you to manage your expectations and understand what it is your valuation will cover.


With offices in London and the North of England, We Buy Any Diamonds knows the UK and global diamond markets. We can offer more money for your items than a jewellery shop or pawnbroker.


Fill out our easy to use form to arrange a no-obligation assessment or a free offer for your diamond ring. Alternatively, call us on 0800 035 6427 or email our helpful, friendly team at

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